Anytime Detox Cleanse

Hello there,

This is the home of the Anytime Dextox Cleanse  - a gentle detoxing and cleansing program especially for women.  

As a Food as Medicine Practitioner, I am your cleanse guide and chief supporter to help you have a great and effective cleanse. 

Why should we cleanse?  

Being alive today is not like it was 10, 15, or 20 years ago.  The truth is that there are more toxins penetrating our bodies from living in an advancing industrialised world of increased pesticides, fungicides and other 'cides', pharmaceuticals, DDT, heavy metals, viruses and now plastics.  

Our livers have to store and process this and they are struggling to do this.

Chronic health diseases are growing such as obesity, diabetes, autoimmune, cancers and cardiovascular disease, (World Health Organisation and others).

To be healthy and prevent disease today, demands of us to take action for our health in more specific ways, and this includes cleansing.  

Cleansing is important for your liver, adrenals, digestive health, and for the whole body.   

Cleansing helps to remove toxins, and pathogens, helps restore the liver, and enable all the bodies systems to rejuvenate. 

About this Cleanse 

My cleanse enables each person to choose the level of cleansing that is right for their body and lifestyle.  

It also enables you to add more cleansing foods to your normal diet beyond this cleanse.  

This Cleanse is for 3 weeks and includes:

  • One week of preparation, and two weeks of actual cleansing
  • Guidelines, recipes, shopping list, handouts, knowledge and  information as videos from me

PLUS three great bonuses:

1.  A live one hour Q&A with me where you get to ask your questions along with other students.  

2. A detailed guide for helping adrenal fatigue and reducing stress.  

3. Access to a private FB group for support and sharing.

4. A 15-minute initial consult with Amanda before starting the detox cleanse.

So do one great thing for your health.  Sign up today and start the journey of looking after your wonderful you. 

The Anytime Detox Course commences on Sunday, 31st January 2021.  

Yours in true health,


  • 1

    Cleansing Preparation Week

    • Lesson1: Introduction to Cleansing

    • DOWNLOAD: Self Dedication

    • Lesson 2: Principles, Benefits and Tools Needed

    • Lesson 3: Preparation and Removing 'No' Foods

    • DOWNLOAD: No Foods and Substances

    • Lesson 4: Guidelines, Recipes, Shopping List

    • DOWNLOAD: Guidlines

    • DOWNLOAD: Cleanse Recipes

    • DOWNLOAD: Shopping List

    • DOWNLOAD: More Recipe Information

    • Lesson 5: Understanding Detoxing

    • DOWNLOAD: Supplements

    • Lesson 6: Common Questions Answered

  • 2

    Cleanse Week One

    • Lesson 1: Intro to Cleanse Week One

    • Lesson 2: Sleep, hydration, and social engagements

    • Lesson 3: Cravings - symptoms and remedies

    • Lesson 4: Emotional health

    • Lesson 5: Journaling and final thoughts

    • LIVE Q&A with Amanda

  • 3

    Cleanse Week Two

    • Lesson 1: Intro & deeper cleansing

    • Lesson 2: Liver Health & Healing

    • DOWNLOAD: Foods for the Liver

    • Lesson 3: Mystery Weight Gain

    • Lesson 4: Reflection and Contemplation

    • Lesson 5: Living in a cleansing way

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