Learn all about this life changing course,  specially developed for women who want to increase their energy and heal their bodies. 

This course is for you if you:

  •  struggle with stress
  •  have low energy
  • have adrenal fatigue or other known conditions, or
  • simply want to learn more about how to stay healthy for the long term.

The Bring Back Your Energy Course will focus on:

  •  All the causes of low energy, and other mystery illnesses in the body
  • How to get your energy back
  • Practical steps and specific foods for your body and emotions, and 
  • How to create greater health now and for the long term.  

By the end of this course you will have a new relationship with your body, and you will leave busy sickness behind for good. 

PLUS, I have included a great bonus which is a live Q&A with me every two weeks.  This is where you get to ask your questions and I am there to answer and help you on your journey.  

And don't worry, You will not be overloaded as the pace is one chapter per week with 5-7 lessons in each.   it works out about 2-3 hours of your time per week for eight weeks. 

I am really looking forward to being there with knowledge resources and support for you and your healing.   I encourage you to sign up and make the change today.

PS:  Check out the course curriculum below.

PSS:  This course comes with 30 day money back guarantee, if you feel that you are not getting value. 

Warmest,   Amanda

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    1. First steps to health and healing

    • Introduction

    • Case Study/My Story

    • The Seven Dilemmas of Health and Healing

    • Using the Food/Mood/Poop Journal

    • Overview

    • Download 1: Food/Mood/Poop Journal

    • Download 2. What do you want for your health?

  • 2

    2. The Essential Principles of Health and Healing

    • 'What is NOT Modern Health'

    • Principle 1&2: Bio individual and Create a Relationship with your Body

    • Principle 3: Find the Root cause

    • Principle 4 & 5: Health Advocate & Thrive, Nourish, & Avoid

    • Principles 6 & 7: Step by Step and Connect with Nature

    • How to Read and Understand your FMP Journal

    • Overview

    • Download 1: Seven Principles Infographic

    • Download 2: Using the FMP Journal

  • 3

    3. All About Stress, Adrenalin, and the Liver

    • Introduction to Stress and Adrenalin

    • Stress and Adrenalin

    • All About Adrenal Fatigue, Blood Sugar, and Brain Fog

    • How to know if you have Adrenal Fatigue

    • The Role of the Liver

    • Why the Liver and Adrenalin really matter

    • Overview

    • Download: Cortisol Tracker

  • 4

    4. Healing the Body Part 1

    • Introducing Food as Medicine

    • Lifestyle Changes for Adrenalin and Stress

    • Specific Foods for Healing Adrenals, Plus what to Avoid

    • Specific Foods to Support and Heal the Liver

    • Supplements and Herbs for Adrenals and Liver

    • How to do Step by Step Change

    • Overview

    • Download: Healing Foods for Adrenals and Liver

    • Download: Supplements and herbs

    • Download: The Healthy Plate Infographic

    • Download: Healing RECIPES for Adrenal Glands and Liver

  • 5

    5. Healing the Body Part 2

    • Introduction

    • Detox Pathways

    • How Weight Loss and Weight Gain Happens

    • Foods for Weight Loss and Weight Gain

    • Overview

    • Download 1: Foods for weight loss and weight gain

  • 6

    6. The Emotional Healing Journey

    • Introduction to Moods, Suffering and Change

    • Understanding and Dealing with Anxiety

    • Understanding and Dealing with Depression

    • Understanding and Dealing with PTSD

    • Working with Nature to Heal

    • Overview

    • Download 1. Life is Difficult Infographic

    • Download 2. Gratitude Journal starter

    • Download 3. Foods for Emotional Healing

  • 7

    7. The Emotional Journey Part 2

    • Intro: What fires together wires together

    • The power of contemplation

    • The power of self observation

    • The intuitive mind

    • A greater relationship with body and mind

    • Download :Contemplation Exercise

    • Download :Self Observation Exercise

    • Download: The Intuitive Mind Exercise

  • 8

    8. Change for the Long Term

    • Introduction

    • Designing an Ongoing Lifestyle Diet

    • Cleansing for Life

    • How to Improve your Sleep

    • How to Create a Long Healthy Life

    • Download: Foods and supplements for Sleep

If you are struggling with your energy, have a known condition such as adrenal fatigue, or if you are looking for an overall health improvement: this course is for you.